How to earn money in stock market

How to earn money in stock market

How to earn money in stock market: If you are very cautious about investing money and you are always looking for new investment information on the internet, then you should experience investing in the stock market once. This is a great and less effortful way in which you don’t need to put in much effort once you invest the money and the money can be credited to your account every month just by taking advantage of the dividend.

Making money from the stock market does not mean you have to trade daily or spend hours sitting in front of a computer. You don’t need to buy and sell stocks every day to make money. I have given you all the process here that how you can earn money from stock market.

  • Holding stock
  • Dividends
  • Benefits of holding shares in the long term
  • Best strategy for you
  • FAQ
How to earn money from stock Market

 The way to make money from the stock market is not only to buy and sell shares, but also to use a good strategy which shares to buy and sell and which to hold. This strategy is used by many successful people in their business.

First of all, let’s see what you need to check while taking stock

  • You have to select good companies and their financial condition should be strong, then you have to get information about their history.
  • Hold the share you bought for at least five years

How to earn money in stock market and How Stocks Work

Before you can make money from the stock market, it’s important to understand how owning stocks works. This will allow you to make smart decisions about where to invest your money.

When you buy a share of stock, you are purchasing ownership in a company.

Building Wealth by Investing in Stock

When you understand more about how stocks work, it’s easier to understand that your wealth is built primarily from:

  • An increase in share price: Over the long-term, this is the result of the market valuing the increased profits due to business expansion or share repurchases.
  • Dividends: When earnings are paid out to you in the form of dividends, you receive cash via a check, direct deposit into your brokerage account, checking account, or savings account, or in the form of additional shares reinvested on your behalf.
  • Occasionally, during market bubbles, you may have the opportunity to make a profit by selling your shares for more than the company is worth. And if you need cash for an unexpected emergency, having stock available to sell can provide a valuable financial cushion.
  • In the long run, however, your returns depend on the underlying profits generated by the operations of the businesses in which you invest. Choosing your stock wisely and holding onto it for the long term is the most reliable way to generate wealth.

Long term investment strategy

Big investors buy a stock and hold it to generate the majority of their income.

And generate more revenue from selling stock.

We can also do this. Every day you invest a little money and use some strategy to buy stocks and hold them and invest for long term.

Stock market is unpredictable if you are buying and selling shares every day then there is risk in it.

You can become a successful investor only when you buy a valuable stock and hold it for  years.

If you choose a strong and well finance company, you can see how your share has changed in five years in the list below.


Reliance Industries 1200 2700+


Consultancy Services

2000 3500


950 1700

Hindustan Unilever

1500 2700


730 1450

State Bank of India

290 600


330 970


240 430+

Asian Paints

1300 3200+

Bajaj Finserv

660 1500+


Best strategy for you

There are many such companies in the stock market which give you dividend quarterly, monthly, semi annually and annually.

If you are willing to invest in dividend paying companies, then you will find that those companies will continue to give you lifetime dividend as long as you keep your share holding krun.

Below is a list of companies that pay you dividends

  • Vedanta
  • Coal India
  • HPCL
  • ONGC

The best way to determine whether a stock is a good investment is to look at the company’s asset placement and understand how it manages its money.

Frequently ask Question ( FAQ)

How do I start buying stocks?

You can buy stock through full-service online stockbrokers, or directly from the company. You’ll need to set up an account through one of these channels and connect your bank account. Then you can begin researching and purchasing stocks or SIP.

How much money do you need to start buying stocks?

It’s possible to start investing in stocks with very little money. Many online brokerages allow you to set up an account with no minimum deposit, and some stock shares sell for as little as 5000-10000RS. A cheap stock isn’t necessarily a good purchase, through, so be sure to do your research before you start buying.


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